Car Audio, Video, Security, Safety, and Lighting
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What do you want installed?

Radio/ Navigation head unit

GPS, Radar Detector, Dash Camera, or Satellite radio stand alone unit

Keyless Entry, Alarm, or Remote Start Security System

Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Android, or iPod integration

Sub woofers, Speakers, or Amplifiers

Headrest monitors or Back up camera

HID headlights or fog lights

Interior or Under Glow Lighting

You want a new Keyless Entry, Car Alarm, or Remote Start Security System this is what you need to know.

Your year make and model of your vehicle.
What factory equipment your vehicle already has.
If your vehicle is equip with a factory amp or is the premium version.
If you do not know find out before you order the wrong part.


If you want a Keyless Entry, Car Alarm, Smart Start, or Remote Start Security System.
You will be able to disgard your factory key fob because the system provides a new one unless you just have Smart Start. YOU SHOULD NOT CONTINUE TO USE YOUR FACTORY KEY FOB WITH AFTERMARKET SYSTEM. If you are getting a remote start security system you may need a bypass and both factory keys for the system to be programmed correctly. These systems come in 1-way (push a button and it works or it doesn't) and 2-way (push a button and get a confirmation beep that lets you know it worked or didn't). I would recommend getting a 2-way.


1-Button 2-Way
Multi-Function 2-Way
Smart Start


What is a bypass?
A bypass is a module that works with the remote start system that works with your factory security system by allowing your car to start and function properly while not thinking someone is trying to steal it and take off. Some factory security system with out a bypass will not allow the vehicle to start and override the OEM (Original Equipment Manufatured) security system.










FLCAN Bypass
DBALL Bypass
Have your parts ready for the installation, if you don’t know what you need call me and I will help you out.