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What do you want installed?

Radio/ Navigation head unit

GPS, Radar Detector, Dash Camera, or Satellite radio stand alone unit

Keyless Entry, Alarm, or Remote Start Security System

Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Android, or iPod integration

Sub woofers, Speakers, or Amplifiers

Headrest monitors or Back up camera

HID headlights or fog lights

Interior or Under Glow Lighting

You want a new Radio Head Unit this is what you need to know.

Your year make and model of your vehicle.
Have your parts ready for the installation, if you don’t know what you need call me and I will help you out.

What factory equipment your vehicle already has.
If your vehicle is equip with a factory amp or is the premium version.
If you do not know find out before you order the wrong part.

You’re getting a head unit (new radio)
You will need a wire harness and dash kit and maybe an antenna adapter.
No it does not come with this.
wire harness
Double-din dashkit


How to pick out your wire harness.
Do you have a factory amp or not, do you have the premium version (JBL, Bose, etc.) or base model.

Wire Harness
Wire Harness

double-din Dashkit
single-din dashkit

ddin Accord Dashkit



single-din flip radio
double-din radio



How to pick out your dash kit.
There are two options: A double din radio or single din radio. Know what size your factory radio is to determine what fits.


steering wheel control
steering wheel control
If you have steering wheel controls.
Your radio you will lose that function unless you get a steering wheel control module to interface with your new radio. (Part sold separately, never comes with the radio.)


What is a single din radio and a double din radio?
The US standard for a DIN radio is 2" x 7" (although the actual 180 mm width converts to something like 7-3/32" so most people use 7-1/8" to allow for clearance) and the Double DIN sized radio is a 4" x 7". You can watch a dvd on a double din but can not on a single din. Most double din radios are touch screen.




single-din radio